Shiatsu Testimonials

Some testimonials from my shiatsu/chair massage clients in London.

In my job as a senior sales executive with a major newspaper, things can get pretty tense! I noticed that for sometime I had suffered from tightness in my neck and shoulder area and decided to do something about it. I was passing the Chinese herbalist shop in South Woodford, and on impulse went in to enquire about a shiatsu massage and haven’t looked back!

This was about 18 months ago. I have found it consistently excellent treatment which has helped to alleviate the tension I have had for a long time. I attend regularly and think that Branka is brilliant. She seems, without me saying anything, to home into the particular bit that needs extra attention with her caring and professional massage. If I win the lottery, I will appoint her as my personal masseurs!!!

- Margaret – Senior Sales Exec with a National Newspaper


Branka is a natural healer. She has a calming aura and lightness of spirit that immediately puts me at ease when I arrive for my treatment. During periods when I am working under intense, stressful deadlines , my sessions with her put me back into a balanced state.

As a creative person by profession, I need my energy to flow freely. My time with Branka helps that to happen

- Mike McEvoy (musician and composer)


Since I was 12 years old I have had the signs of Ankylosing Spondilitis , a form of Arthritis affecting the spine , in extreame cases causing the vetebrae to fuse. Finally diagnosed at the age of 21, my medication has helped control the disease and symptoms but recently the disease has showed signs of progression with intense back pain and tension . Not willing to take stronger drugs with increased side effects I decided to try shiatsu.

I have found the sessions to be very relaxing and person focused, taking into account your condition and how you are feeling on that day. Even with my limited flexibility I found the sessions very comfortable. With immediate effects on muscle tension and pain after the treatment it does give a great sense of well being.

Long term the back pain I was once experiencing and my posture have improved since the treatment. Many of my friends and family have even noticed without me saying anything. The sessions also help you to become more body aware, focusing on gentle exercise and posture day to day, between sessions. Especially important when doing a fast paced job while also in front of the computer screen! I have found this side to be very important for me too as part of a holistic approach.

- Francis, Ecology and Open Spaces Manager


I’m a reasonably active family man in my early 50′s. My main hobby is playing bass in a rock band (playing pubs and functions) and slinging a 4Kg lump of wood over one shoulder for hours on end was giving me steadily more and more trouble with my shoulder, my neck, and my lower back . My day job is as a busy professional in a very stressful environment, which does little to help when suffering from muscular or joint problems.

I had tried a variety of treatments and ‘solutions’ without achieving a great deal when I casually walked past The Walk-In Backrub (Charlotte Place) in November 2008. My back was hurting, as was then routinely the case, so I thought I’d try their back-rub, which I assumed meant a classic massage.

The first lady I met was Branka Reljac, who told me that in fact she practised shiatsu. I must admit that I had no idea what this involved, but I thought that I might as well try it since I was now in the shop.

That initial shiatsu session made more difference to my aches and pains than all previous treatments I had tried put together. Branka explained that shiatsu would have the greatest impact if used cumulatively, so I decided to try to visit her regularly.

I have visited Branka roughly twice a month since then, and I have experienced no serious back or shoulder problems in the past 18 months.

On each occasion that something starts to develop, the next shiatsu session sorts it out before it can get established. I also use the various stretches that Branka has shown me, in order to loosen up before playing either bass or football.

I already recommend Branka to my family and friends, and I am very happy to extend that recommendation to others.

- Jack, Finance Partner


Branka was a superb help to me after I suffered a whiplash injury ion a car accident.

I was really struggling to keep mobile and in so much pain .  Branka really knows her stuff as she worked on the areas that needed most attention without me having to say anything at all!  She even found old injuries that had been irretated by my car accident and worked on them too.

I am a huge fan of shiatsu, its so relaxing and Branka is a real expert.  Branka made me feel so at ease and explained what she was doing as she found areas to work on, she was also kind enough to give me advice and guidance about what to do to keep mobile between appointments – which was invaluable.

Thanks to Branka my recovery was a lot less painful and quicker than relying on anything the NHS offered me.  I would recommend anyone try Branka’s shiatsu – it worth its weight in gold.

- Kath Jones, London


After working in an extremely stressful job for many years, I found that my shoulders and back were becoming very tense and uncomfortable . Over the last year, Branka has been invaluable in helping to relieve this stress using shiatsu massage and helping me feel more comfortable long term.

What I’ve noticed is that shiatsu massage acts a preventative measure and ensures that the stress and tension does not become a serious problem again.

I would definitely recommend Branka to anyone who is experiencing problems with stress and tension in the body.

- Frank, Director, London