About Us

Since 1995 Branka has studied therapies based on therapeutic massage.

She completed a degree in Economics and a masters in Investment Banking. During her time in the City she developed persistent back pain and tried for a number of years to find a solution. Shiatsu was the answer she finally found. After a 3 year course in shiatsu she gradually replaced her office career for one in alternative therapy.

Her background enables her to empathise with her clients, many of whom work in demanding environments. She tries to merge professionalism with compassion; trying to understand and improve clients’ physical as well as emotional condition.

Branka’s treatments work on two levels:

DEEP: inducing a meditative state that encourages relaxation and reduces the effects of long-term stress:

  • improving sleep and lessening anxiety
  • enhancing vitality and emotional stability
  • strengthening the digestive, hormonal and immune functions

SUPERFICIAL: stretching and relaxing muscles, freeing up joints and de-compressing and re-aligning the spine:

  • relieving chronic and acute pain
  • restoring mobility
  • improving posture