Shiatsu Massage Therapist, Central London

branka Hello and welcome to my site.

I’m Branka, an ex City worker that has worked as a qualified Shiatsu therapist in London for the last 8 years.

You can find me at my private shiatsu practice at Neal’s Yard Remedies Therapy Rooms, Covent Garden. As you may know, therapists who work with Neal’s Yard Remedies are carefully selected.

Although my clients come from all walks of life, they tend to have certain things in common: stress, or pain, physical restriction, long work hours or a demanding career.

I’ve helped people with a variety of symptoms but I seem to have developed a special interest in stress-related conditions, shoulder pain, neck pain and back pain or discomfort.

Contact me for more information.

Corporate Chair Massage In London

In addition to one on one Shiatsu therapy, I can arrange a team of qualified practitioners at short notice to visit your London office for on-site chair massage.

If you have a specific requirement to discuss, please contact me.

What Is Shiatsu And Chair Massage ?

Shiatsu is a kind of acupressure that originates in Japan. Translated literally, it means “finger pressure”.

Acupressure is described by some people as “acupuncture without needles”. Like acupuncture Shiatsu uses the system of meridians or energy pathways that was first described in ancient China, and has been used by the Chinese and Japanese ever since.

However, Shiatsu goes beyond the Chinese meridians. It employs stretching, leverage and leaning of the weight into various parts of the recipient’s body to encourage greater harmony of energy, circulation, flexibility and improvement in posture.

Some techniques used in osteopathy, chiropractic and physiotherapy can be used within the treatment. I have incorporated Trigger Point Therapy/Myofacial Release into my technique and have found it a very effective aid for physical tension and pain.

Shiatsu is typically used in 2 positions: the classic Shiatsu treatment while lying down, or the modern form, while seated in a special chair – see chair massage treatment for details.

Chair massage is the method we use in our on-site massage treatments.